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Hire a Insulation Service to Re-Insulate Your Home

Signs You Should Re-Insulate Your Home

Insufficient, poor-quality or improperly placed insulation may be a major contributor to the uncomfortability of your home. You may need to engage an insulation service to re-insulate your home if you have drafty rooms, a failing HVAC system, uneven temperatures throughout your house, roof ice buildup, loud outside noises, or an old structure. By re-insulating, you can enjoy a quieter, more pleasant, and healthier interior environment while saving money on your electricity bills. Here is a list of potential issues you might encounter and why they might point to insulation issues.

Your HVAC System Can’t Keep Up, or You Have High Energy Bills

There’s a good chance that your home is either under-insulated or has no insulation, which is common in homes constructed before 1980. If your furnace or AC system must run almost continuously or you must provide supplemental equipment like fans, heaters, and window AC units, your home is probably under-insulated or has no insulation at all. A barrier made of effective insulation reduces the temperature differential between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Your Home is Drafty or Outdoor Allergies Flare Up Indoors

When there is a significant pressure or temperature differential, whether from a storm front or strong winds, air penetration from your home’s outside can increase quickly. If you experience drafts, there are probably issues with your home’s building envelope. Reinsulation and air sealing work together to close the spaces.

You Have an Older Home

You might be surprised that most building codes before 1980 didn’t call for insulation! Additionally, blown-in cellulose or fiberglass insulation, which can settle and leave gaps, was employed to insulate many buildings after then. As a result of constantly battling the weather, your furnace or HVAC system will have a much tougher time keeping you comfortable.

Snow Melts on Your Roof or Your Roof Ices Up

What connection does ice have to insulation? Surprisingly, a lot of stuff. When the insulation in your home is insufficient, heated air from the house heats your roof and melts the snow. Ice dams, a certain indicator of an insulation issue, are produced when the melted water contacts the cooler eaves and freezes.

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