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How to Stop Heat Literally Flying Through Your Roof?

Attic Insulation Service Tips

Insulation Services in Elgin, IL

Many residential homes come with an attic which is often used primarily for storage, however, there is so much more you can use your attic for than just that. Take a look around your attic, you will notice the floors, and often the walls, which have a layer of insulation on them. You should also notice the wood on the underside of the roof. An attic does play an important role in keeping your home both cool and warm. If you fail to see any insulation, then you are losing money literally through your attic space. Should this be the case, you need to contact an insulation service like Energy Plus Insulation to come and assess your space immediately.

Some attics can be quite large, while others are just mere crawlspaces. No matter the size, you need to maintain this area at all times. Meaning, any problems need to be taken care of immediately, in order to prevent costly repair bills. With this in mind, below are a few basic attic maintenance tips every homeowner needs to know.

Making sure it is insulated

The first step to making your home more energy efficient is to get your attic properly insulated. Not only will this insulate your attic, but it will also preserve the condition of your roof. Before you do any inspections, dress in long sleeves and pants and remember to wear both gloves and a facemask to avoid contact with any materials. Check your attic floor is covered with insulation and fill in any bare spots. Bear in mind the older the insulation, the greater the chances are of it being damaged, for example, having water stains, being compressed or just falling apart with age.

Repairing cracks

Most homeowners will not notice they have a leak in their attic until water starts coming through the ceiling. It is extremely common for attic leaks to come from cracks in the roof, which will allow water to come in, or from water that overflows on a roof due to blocked rain gutters, that can cause pooling.

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